laboratory equipments

Glove Box with Air Purification System (4 Ports)

The Glove Box system will cycle to remove internal active substances, allow the system always maintain high cleanliness and high purity inert gas environment, and keep the water & oxygen contents in equipment to 1ppm below

1)Quantity of Gloves: 4pcs gloves are available.
2)Operation Side: single side 
3) Purification Column: 1pcs 
4) Carbinet Gas Pressure Withstand:-3000Pa ~  3000Pa
5) Cabinets Water Contents Under Standard Case ( 1 Pa, 20 degree ):≤1ppm
6) Oxygen Contents Under Standard Case control ( 1 Pa, 20 degree ):≤1ppm
7)Leakage Rate ( 1 Pa, 20 degree):≤0.05Vol%/h
Product Parameters
Model  YKG-800S-4
The configuration and quantity
Technical parameters
1 Box  2500*800*930mm,Material:304 Stainless steel,operate from one side.
1 Heating Airlock
DN385*588mm,Material :304Stainless steel.Resistance type heater,it can reach 200 degree.
1 Tool Airlock
DN150*350mm,Material:304 Stainless Steel
1 Shelves
Back hanging,three layer
1 Transparent Visualization Panel
Thickness:12mm, double laminated tempered glass or PC glass(protective film can be pasted inside)
4 Gloves
Thickness:0.4mm,Material: butyl rubber;Brand:US  NORTH
1 Electrical Outlet
220V,10A,8 holes
1 Lighting System
Configuration fluorescent tubes,Brand: Philips.
3 Standby Interface
KF40,Material:304 stainless steel.Gas or liquild access box device,need to be equipped with the quick joints.
HEPA filters
Filtering accurancy of 0.3 micron,be mainly used for the adsorption of the dust inside the cabinets,can protect the purification system effectivly.
Vacuum Gauge
Mechanical dial display,Used to measure and display the vacuum value of the box and airlocks.
Pressure Gauge
Mechanical dial display,Used to measure and display the pressure value of the box and airlocks.
1 Foot controller
Double pedal ,foot control pressure in the system.
1 Gas purification system
Single column,Frequency Fan control the air circulation,air flow:0~90m3/h,with the function of water and oxgen remova.water scavenging material: America UOP, oxygen scavenging material: Germany BASF
1 Control System
Equipped with Siem Select the configuration of the glove box system PLC program control unit and 6-inch coclor touch screen.
1 Vacuum Pump
Exhauset speed: 8.5m3/h,Brand:EDWARDS,Equipped with 1oil mist filter.
1 Water Sensor Range 1~1000ppm,Equipped with the imported bands touch screen.Brand:UK Michell
1 Oxygen Sensor
Range 1~1000ppm,Equipped with the imported bands touch screen.Brand: US AII
1 Pressure Sensor
-2500 ~ 2500Pa (relative pressure),Equipped with the imported bands touch screen.
Organic Solvent Adsorption
Volume of 21L,Installed outside the box tp absorb the solvent vapor generated in the process,to protect the system of purification materials.

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