laboratory equipments


Changsha Yonglekang Equipment Co., ltd was established in April,2006 and locate in Changsha City, Capital of Hunan Province, which is specialized in various laboratory equipments for environment protection, TCLP (Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure), superfine powder grinding and vacuum inert operation. As one of the Chinese National Innovation Fund Support Enterprises, we insist on self-innovation and have successfully developed the equipments of Lab Shaker Series

Laboratory Shakers

Shaking Water Bath

Automatic Rotary Agitator

Plate Type Rotary Agitator

Zero Headspace Extractor

Vertical Shaker

Automatic Liquid Extraction Rotary Agitator

Incubator Shaker

Horizontal Shaker

Automatic Rotary Agitators-Plate Type

Laboratory Ball Mills

V Mixer

Vertical Planetary Ball Mill

Mini Planetary Ball Mill

Roll Ball Mill

Lab Jar Mill

Light Roll Ball Mill

Vertical Square Planetary Ball Mill (Production Model)

Horizontal Planetary Ball Mill

Vibratory Ball Mill

Micro-computerized Touch Screen Planetary Ball Mill

Lab Stirred Ball Mill

Lab Automatic Vibrating Screen

Laboratory Digestion & Heating

Automated Digestion System

Microwave Digestion System

Graphite Digestion Block

Urinary Iodine Digestion Block

Graphite Electric Hot Plate

Laboratory Glove Box

Acrylic Glove Box (C type)

Acrylic Glove Box (B Type)

Acrylic Glove Box (A Type)

Stainless Steel Vacuum Glove Box

Stainless Steel Vacuum Glove Box(Three Ports)

Automatic Glove Box with Air Purification System

Glove Box with Air Purification System (4 Ports)

Laboratory Hazardous Waste Storage Container

Laboratory Hazardous Waste Storage Container-Large Type

Laboratory Hazardous Waste Storage Container-Small Type

Laboratory Soil Sampler

Bottom Sediment Grab Sampler

Lab Soil Sampler

Gas Powered Soil Sampler

Automatic Distillation System

YDL Automatic Distillation System

Automatic Medicine Packing Machine

Automatic Medicine Packing Machine

Mobile Container PCR laboratory

Mobile Container PCR laboratory

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